Check out my résumé

Hi, i'm mina.

I'm a designer based in LA who aspires to create a product that is succinct, user-centered, and intuitive.

What is my UX process?  

My goal is to connect with a customer’s journey in order to identify pain points and create solutions. 

Getting there requires research, user testing, wireframes/IA, and prototyping. 

I believe in finding a healthy balance between business goals & user goals. 

Where am I now? 

I am currently a mobile UX architect at Hilton Worldwide. 

What are some of the tools I use? 


Aside from designing, i do other stuff. 

You can catch me...

// Reading Harry Potter (over, and over...) 

// Listening to James Taylor or Ed Sheeran

// Learning piano

// Enjoying cooking, meditation, hikes, and any type of nature (surprise, surprise! I live in LA) 

// Watching Pixar movies or The Office

// Eating sushi, always...

//  Daydreaming of sitting at a European coffee shop with a book & a pastry

// Volunteering with Cuck Fancer or ETTA