Hi, i'm mina.

I'm a designer based in LA who aspires to create a product that is succinct, user-centered, and intuitive.

What is my UX process?  

My goal is to connect with a customer’s journey in order to identify pain points and create solutions. 

Getting there requires research, user testing, wireframes/IA, and prototyping. 

I believe in finding a healthy balance between business goals & user goals. 

Where am I now? 

I am currently a mobile UX architect at Hilton Worldwide. 

What are some of the tools I use? 


Aside from designing, i do other stuff. 

You can catch me...

Reading Harry Potter (over, and over...) 

Listening to James Taylor or Ed Sheeran

Learning piano

Enjoying cooking, meditation, hikes, and any type of nature (surprise, surprise! I live in LA) 

Watching Pixar movies or The Office

Eating sushi, always...

Daydreaming of sitting at a European coffee shop with a book & a pastry

Volunteering with Cuck Fancer or ETTA