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For a 24 hour design challenge, I was asked to "create an app that has an on-boarding process that will allow you to customize your shopping experience before you even start browsing. In return, have transparent pricing demonstrating how much of an awesome sale you are getting."


I was asked to "create a 5 screen prototype (wireframes) that demonstrates a personalized search engine for sale services that saves shoppers money and time." 


Pen & Paper, Sketch, Marvel, Keynote

Project Duration

24 hours. *Note: Nothing was updated since I completed the challenge, so my work is true to the pressurizing time period. This is so you can see my process under constraints. 


*Note: Since this project had limited time for completion, my research was based on one user. First, I interviewed my user. Then, we performed task analysis and card sorting. 

Comparative Analysis

I conducted multiple flows on the top six competing apps. Why are these direct competitors? They are discount shopping e-commerce apps. From those flows, I calculated what features each one contained, and what they were missing.

Task Analysis

I watched my persona use competing apps, and listened to her talk about what she felt was and wasn't intuitive. 

Persona, solutions, & flow


After interviewing & watching my persona use  competing apps, I found her painpoints. With the combination of those results & card sorting, I was able to create solutions. 

My persona wants access to a user friendly mobile app that essentially saves her time and money. This means, the items displayed are only sale items for med-high end brands that she can choose. Two very essential features for her are (1) variety of filtering options, and (2) being able to see items her favorite fashion bloggers wore, on sale. Lastly, she wants to be able to purchase the item directly in the app, and she must have free shipping.

wireframes explained

When it comes to delivering my design, I find it is essential to contain a section explaining the how and why of the features. Below are the initial four screens explained. To see the rest, view the full presentation. 


deliverables & next steps

What Did I Present? 

I delivered a low-fidelity prototype displaying the essential features, based on research & persona building. The prototype includes a sign up, customization, the onboarding process, the homepage, a detailed filter, and categories to shop for. To see the full presentation that thoroughly explains my process, click here. 

Play with the clickable prototype below:


Next Steps 

Research, testing, wireframes and the prototype were all created in the span of one day. If I were to continue with this project, I would rewind to the start and expand my research. I would create a persona that entails multiple users combined into one, so my product is fitting for a greater span of people. From there, I would update my wireframes and continue testing.