Crowdschool Re-design

Pictured: Crowdschool Re-design Flow

Pictured: Crowdschool Re-design Flow

Project Overview

What is Crowdschool?

Crowdschool is a project-based learning platform for both teachers & students. 


Tools Used: Whiteboard, Sketch, Invision

Duration: 1 Week 

My Role: The Sole UX/UI Designer 


Crowdschool's platform tested poorly in usability, and was aesthetically outdated. 


To redesign the current platform's usability based on user testing, and to do an initial pass on a UI update. 

(or scroll down to watch a video of the walkthrough). 

from problems to solutions 

1. testing the previous design


Crowdschool's designs tested poorly in UI & Usability, and my goal was to change that.

crowdschool old design.png

2. creating a better design based on results 

After user testing the previous designs, gaps were identified in order to create solutions for an optimal experience.

Crowdschool problems to solutions.jpg

User Goals / features

The site needed a design for Persona A; the teacher, and persona B; the student. 

For the sake of keeping this to a minimum, I will focus on Persona A, the teacher, and the "projects" section. 

Teachers Goals for Classroom Projects: 

1. I want to have the ability to create a project overview that is easily editable. 

2. I want to add resources for my students that can include articles, videos, presentations, graphs, etc. (with easy option to edit, delete). 

3. I want to add specific assignments per each project (with easy option to edit, delete). 

4. I want to grade students on each assignment per project, and have an overall average score (with an easy option to edit, delete). 

5. I want to easily be able to jump from resources, to assignments, to grading-- and know where I am without any confusion.  

6. I want to share a project with (1) a classroom, or (2) more than one classroom.

7. I want to have a view of all my projects, and easily jump to and from individual projects.

A/B Testing Different Designs 

I tested the top two designs for the teacher’s flow on 10 different users to see which one was more intuitive and user friendly.  

Design A: Divided into sections with a Top nav

Design B: All in one with a Side Nav

results: Design b is the winner


1. Design A felt emptier than B. 

2 Positive: All the content in B was in front of them / Content felt more connected in one place. 

3. Positive: It was easy & intuitive to jump to different sections in B.

The prototype