Target Audience Research project

surveys & Interviews   

Wonder is a startup that is developing a smartphone to create a better experience for gamers (and potentially other groups) through it's customized hardware and software. The goal is to bridge the gap between a user's gaming lifestyle, and every day lifestyle. 

The aim was to accomplish that, by:

1. Creating a hardware especially designed for a gamer. 

This included (1) a unique design meant for long term holding of the device in not only portrait, but landscape position; and (2) using LED lights as notifications for an edgy feel.  

2. Developing a Unique Software with Community Integration:

We wanted to create a software that brought your gaming world into your every day world. This includes (1) a gaming social network exclusive to Wonder users; (2) Wonder's community integration into your gaming including one-on-one challenges, tips & tricks, and more; and (3) a unique visual design that is targeted to a gaming look and feel. 

3. Incorporating Gaming on TV

To integrate controller connectivity, so you can play your mobile games on the big screen. 


Our target audience was not fully defined at this point in time, and we wanted to learn more. 

"Was our audience even interested in buying a new device? What else are they interested in? What kind of spending habits to they have?".  We had a lot of questions. 

Therefore, I planned on distributing surveys so we can get to a good start. 

The major goals of the Survey were:

1. To get to know our potential audience. 

2. To help narrow down our potential audience (the big question was: do we want to focus only on gaming, or users with other passions like technology, gadgets, sci-fi, etc.). 

3. To find out gaming, purchasing, and online social behaviors of our potential users. 


When I finally narrowed down a list of [endless] questions to solve the survey goals, I sent out the survey to the company to test. Once it proved to be user friendly, the entire company worked on distributing surveys to different places. 

In order to take the survey, you had to be passionate about gaming, technology, and/or gadgets.