An Interactive Web Platform Redesign

A tool for teachers to create & distribute projects to students; and for students to view, submit, and see grades on those projects. My task was to optimize the user experience through a re-design.




Redesign & Onboarding

An existing website in beta testing, where users can easily organize & share their links. The task was to update the existing site, as well as create a humanist onboarding process.


Start With Teachers

A Mobile App Created From Scratch

A mobile app that allows anyone to donate school supplies to classrooms in need. The app was created from scratch; from concept development to a high fidelity prototype.   









Fandango events

 A Mobile App Concept Created From Scratch

Using Fandango's name, I created a a new "events" feature. 


Black Friday Daily

A Mobile App Created From Scratch

The early stage of a mobile application where users can shop discounted-only clothing from their favorite retail brands.