Start with teachers

Project Overview 


To create social impact (grassroots style) by applying UX Design to innovating the current Public Education system.  


Teachers are not getting enough financial and emotional support, negatively impacting their teaching methods. Therefore, students are not getting the best education that they can.


To design a mobile application that allows anyone to donate school supplies to teachers; securing them financially, supporting them emotionally, and bettering their classroom environment. Teachers have an account to create classroom wishlists, and donors have an account to access wishlists, and donate supplies. 


Whiteboard & pen, Mybalsamiq, Sketch, Invision, Keynote, Omnigraffle

Project Duration

2 Weeks


What could three UX Designers with no teaching experience do to make change in the public education system? 

To find out, we held in-depth interviews with five public elementary school teachers in LA, and surveyed 20 other people (teachers and "non-teachers").


Our goals for the survey were to find the source of the problem, leading us to our solutions.

The results 

Another crucial factor in determining our actionable plan, were the results of our Comparative Analysis.

Comparative Analysis

The value of teachers around the world.png

Our goal in this step of our research process was to find out how the United States differed from other education systems across the globe, and why. We found that the difference in value placed on teachers was a major factor between leading countries in education, versus the United States.

From Problems to Solutions

After thoroughly analyzing our research, we carefully came up with the source of the problem, so we could eventually tackle it by creating solutions; consisting of an actionable plan. 

The Problem

From our research, surveys & interviews, we found that teachers feel undervalued from three different outlets:

(1) The US Government: The majority of teachers feel they are underpaid for the amount of hours they work, and for the amount of value they contribute to their students. 

(2) Principal: Many teachers feel discouraged as there are constraints when it comes to creative teaching methods, due to standardized testing. 

(3) Community: Teachers feel underappreciated by their community and believe society is not aware of the hardships teachers face. They would like their communities to create awareness to bring support. 

The result of teachers feeling underfunded, underpaid and undervalued is:

(1) Teachers lose motivation & become stressed, negatively affecting the ways that they teach.

(2) Some of the greatest teachers abandon their jobs because they are underpaid.

(3) Schools are missing out on great potential teachers who don't consider it due to the salary.

Therefore, students are not getting the education they deserve. 

The Solution

We need to increase community appreciation and value for our teachers, financially and emotionally. 

Short-Term Goals (Grassroots): 

1. Community Donations

2. Community Support

Long-Term Goals (Official): 

1. Higher Salary

2. Higher Job Credibility


Better teachers means better teaching methods, leading to a better education for children. 

How are we going to do this? 

Katrina, John and I were going to create realistic change by designing a mobile application that allows people to donate school supplies to teachers, bringing them financial and emotional support. 

With both a donor and teacher login, 

A. Teachers can:

(1) Browse Supplies

(2) Add needed supplies to their classroom wishlist

B. Donors can: 

(1) Find classrooms by looking up teachers (The classroom of your choice)

(2) Access classroom wishlists

(3) Donate supplies

Testing for validation

We tested a low-fidelity prototype to validate solutions and identify any gaps that need to be considered.

The User Flow (Teacher)

After gathering our research and user tests, the final user flow:

Deliverables & Next Steps

As this was a class project, our final deliverable was a working prototype for the teacher’s flow.

The donor login is a next step to consider for creative completion.