Redesign Concept 

As one of my most-loved & reliant mobile apps, Headspace has solved many problems in my daily life. It's hard to redesign an app that you feel is almost "perfectly designed", which is why I encouraged myself to take on this challenge.

The Challenge: 

How can I make an exceptionally designed app even better?  


Step 1 : Analyzing The Existing App

Step 1 was to completely analyze screen by screen, and watch a sample interact with it. 


Step 2: Interviews

As this was a side personal project in my free time,  my sample was small. I interviewed a friend who is a regular headspace user, and a friend who is a Psychologist and practices meditation with her clients. I thought the combination of the two would lead me to understand features that could be useful.  


Step 3: Establishing the right persona ; From Problems to Solutions 

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